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Customer Experiences

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Customer experiences with Fenucure Toothpaste

Written by Anne

I have been using the toothpaste for about 4 months. I decided it was time to go to the dentist for a cleaning and see how I was doing. The hygienist was extremely positive about the condition of my teeth and gums. What really struck me is for the first time ever my gums didn't bleed at all and as the hygienist poked around I didn't feel any pain or sensitivity. While I have good teeth without any gum disease I have always bled a little while getting a cleaning. I am also usually told to floss more which I will admit I do not do and this time no recommendation. I had a bit of plaque, however, when we found out that it had been 4 years ( Feb 2013) since my last cleaning, we were both amazed. Honestly, I have never had such a positive review and to find out it had been 4 years from my last cleaning even my hygienist was impressed. He, of course, wanted to hear about and try the toothpaste. I am convinced this 5 star check up was due to using Fenucure toothpaste!


Written by C. Moeller

I have now used the Fenucure toothpaste for about 1 month. I apply it twice a day and then use a normal toothpaste before going to bed. I have experienced a rapid decline in tartar (could easily remove it from in between my teeth using a tooth pick. It simply loosens the tartar for removal). This was not possible when only using normal toothpaste (like I did in the past).

But I have also used the Fenucure toothpaste on a 2nd degree burn I received on my finger. The pain dissappeared after appr. 25 seconds and after 2-3 days I could not see where the initial blister/burn had occurred! That was quite impressive. And my finger smelled great


Written by Kim C. B. Pedersen

I have soon used three tubes of toothpaste. Bought it because I appreciate a toothpaste without harmful substances. To my great surprise, I must note that the bleeding I normally had every other day, have completely disappeared after I took Fenucure in use. I discovered this only several weeks after I started using the toothpaste, because suddenly one day I realized that I had not had bleeding from the teeth or gums after I had begun to use this toothpaste. I have for the same reason recommended the toothpaste to everybody I know and expect it to be the perfect Christmas present :-) Those of my friends who have used toothpaste also has only good comments. I highly recommend Fenucure. Not least as the best Christmas present this year :-)


Written by Ulla Rasmusssen

I have tried Fenucure toothpaste before the toothpaste had a name, not becuase I had special problems with m teeth or gums, but I do generate some plaque, which is reduced by using the Fenucure toothpaste. My teeth becomes very clean and smooth and my mouth feels fresh for many hours. I can recommend it, also to you who are so lucky not to have serious problems with your teeth.


Written by Bolette Birch Bengtsen

I've only used Fenucure for 4 days and I am SO impressed - my oral hygiene has never been better and there is a completely different "calm" in my teeth / mouth.
I will definitely buy and share it with my loved ones..


Written by Helle Tranborg Nørrevang

5 Stars - No doubt that this toothpaste works as promised! Fenucure has a mild licorice flavor, foams well and cleans teeth / gums really well. The mouth is left nice, fresh and clean. Fenucure is WITHOUT SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), and other harmful chemicals, which is a big plus for me! Moreover, Fenucure has a really good effect against inflammation in my tonsils after about 14 days of use! I strongly recommend this toothpaste for all, both as a preventive toothpaste and as treatment.

Written by Liliana Widenberg

Five thrilled stars from me and here is my thrilling STAR EXPERIENCE of FENUCURE:
Completely AMAZING !! A HUGE MIRACLE! After only 3 days there is NO Gum bleeding !!! I just want to brush my teeth several times a day (However, I don´t do that) The unbelievable PURITY FEELING I constantly feel on my teeth is "OUT of this world". Even in the morning when I wake up, my mouths atmospheric experience is: PURITY.
Brushing teeth has suddenly changed from being a "duty" to becoming a pleasure. Who would believe that! "FENUCURE" + I = best friends-for-life!


Written by Merete Bauer

This is a super product. Have been through a root canal treatment which was very painful, I was bleeding etc. After using Fenucure toothpaste there is nothing left of the discomfort caused by my treatment and condition. Everything has healed og I am painfree. My gum tissue is overall in a much better condition ❤️❤️❤️

Written by Lisbet Boris

I am predisposed for periodentitis. I have used Fenucure toothpaste and my dentist says that my gum tissue pocket have minimized.

Written by Sidsel

I have used Fenucure toothpaste foro several months and my teeth have never been in a better condition. 5 stars from here !

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