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Welcome to Fenucure Medical

Fenucure Medical is Danish biotech company who has developed a plant extract from the Fenugreek plant and patented the extraction method. The plant is called Trigonella Foenum Graecum in Latin and Fenugreek in English. We have trademark registered the name FENUCURE which is composed of half of the English name of "FENUGREEK", and CURE because of the exceptional healing properties of the extract. All products will be marketed under the brand name FENUCURE. Seen in historical perspective, the plant has been known as a medicinal plant back to the Egyptians and used against bronchitis, fevers, sore throat, irritated skin, diabetes, wound care and cancer. As the first product we introduce Fenucure toothpaste which delivers a unprecedented hygiene in your oral cavity. A clinical trial at the University of New Haven has shown that Fenucure toothpaste is effective in preventing plaque, gingivitis, bleeding gums and pain,see the full report 
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Beskyt dine tænder

The toothpaste contains special natural active substances that has posivitely charges ions. Microorganism are negatively charged and there is thus a magnetic reaction between the ions, so that the negatively charges ions of various bacteria in the oral cavity adheres to the positively charged ions in the toothpaste, and are subsequently rinsed out.

Fenucure Medical has developed a very effective anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory toothpaste. Fenucure Medical has an ongoing product development and more products in the pipeline with the patented and active Fenucure extract. Pipeline products include: Fenucure Mouthwash, floss, throat lozenges, Dental gum, ointment for cold sores ( Herpes) Pre- and aftersun and a burn wound agent based on gel.

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