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After several years of R & D, the first product in FENUCURE brand has been developed- Fenucure Toothpaste. Fenucure Medical produced 1000 proto types and these were distributed for test, including an independent test by a dentist in New York where a patient group of 20 people, 10 men and 10 women agreed to participate. Below you can see a review of the protocol and results. Furthermore, we present a statement from a dentist in Denmark after treatment of a patient who had been prescribed blood-thinning medications and had therefore sensitive and bleeding gums.

Fenucure medical tandhygiejne

Test of 20 patients - Gingivitis

Study of Dentistry in New York, United States of 20 patients, 10 men and 10 women

Age: from 20 to 88 years old.

Protocol: - Patients with moderate to severe gingivitis

All patients were instructed in the proper way to brush teeth, use dental floss and instructions on how to brush inflamed gums and areas of the oral cavity. All patients were asked to come to control once weekly for a 4 week period.Pocketdepth were measured at the beginning and evaluated regularly.Bleeding gums were noted and logged at startup and weekly

Conclusion: - Fenucure Toothpaste was able to cure 19 out of 20 patients to completion with a pocket depth of 0-3 mm formal. Test # 1 PT # 20 has problems in the upper jaw right palatal area. Scaling with root planning and surgical curettage was performed and the result was positive, pocket depth was reduced by 4-5mm.

It is my professional opinion that this toothpaste is the best on the market today.

Dentist Marc N. Benhuri DMD, PHD, New York Former Professor of Prosthodontics University of Pittsburg, Former Professor of Prosthodontics University of Pittsburgh

Bedre tandhygiejne tandpasta

Gingivitis - bleeding gums

The patient, a 53- year-old man developed gingivitis after a case of trombosis with bleeding of the gums when brushing teeth. Subsequently regular use of some medications, especially blood thinners, heart medications, blood pressure medications.

Gums seen clinically slightly raised, glossy. By probing of gums seen major bleeding BOP (bleeding on probing). The clinical photos show the image before and after touching the gums with probe (BOP) At first inspection, after only having used the anti-inflammatory toothpaste bleeding was seen in half the selected teeth.

A deep dental cleaning with removal of subgingival calculus (tartar below the gum line) was conducted.Next and final control of this process showed much improvement from bleeding and appearance of the gums. Pt. even noticed less bleeding and BOP was much reduced ie no bleeding at the selected teeth.

One can, based on the present simple trial ascertain that a thorough teeth cleaning, and use of anti-inflammatory toothpaste has had a very beneficial effect on gingivitis in this case.

Sincerely - Dentist Hanne Bach Andersen, Denmark